About Us

Rooted in the belief of ‘use it or lose it’, the Brick & Mortar Network aims to develop and provide various complimentary tools in an effort to support the small businesses within our communities.


Considering the significant setbacks endured in result to the global COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are in desperate need of assistance and must reignite their operations in order to survive.


The Brick & Mortar Network, powered by ShieldPlex®, has created various avenues for the benefit of small business owners who can utilize support in the form of:


  • Safety Measures: Providing small businesses with complimentary ShieldPlex Antibacterial personal care products in an effort to protect owners, employees, and customers.


  • Marketing Materials: The ability to show customers that a small business is open and taking the appropriate measures to keep everyone safe. Through video production, signage, window decals, buttons, and more, participating small businesses are equipped to help drive more traffic both digitally and physically into their stores.


  • The Network: As small businesses become involved in the Brick & Mortar Network, they will have access to a Hub of fellow small business owners for the purpose of direct communication and exchange of advice, support, best practices, business development, and more.


  • Expert Advisory Team: A collective of business owners from a variety of industries serves as the Brick & Mortar Advisory Team aimed to provide in-person dialog and recommendations for those business owners who welcome the opportunity.